7 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids Around

If your anything like me, any chance you get at home is filled with cleaning, cooking or focusing on someone else’s needs.

What if I told you these things could be accomplished while also focusing on your well being  and physical health.

It’s not easy to fit in time for exercise while working full-time, taking care of the family, keeping the house clean and managing to make dinner in time for the kids to get to bed. It may seem overwhelming at first to even consider adding something else into your already packed schedule, but with a little bit of motivation, it is doable.

Why You Should Fit In Exercise With Your Kids Around:

Before I began my weight loss journey, I would come home, play with the kids for a few minutes, make dinner, eat, then hangout around the house or sit and watch TV with the kids before getting them ready for bed.

It never occurred to me that I could use that “winding down” time after dinner with the kids, as a time for to focus on my weight loss journey.

Some of the things I do differently now include, adding a dance session including the kids, doing some kids YouTube Yoga, and sitting on the exercise bike holding my toddler because she won’t let me put her down.

See, if your truly motivated to lose weight you will do just about anything to make the time for exercise .

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Below are 7 ways to include your children in your daily exercise routine:

  1. Walk outside With The Kiddos: This is a great idea, granted if the weather is nice, take the kids outside and just walk and enjoy the weather. To spruce things up have mini races with the kids and see who can get to the next landmark the fastest. My kids love going on walks because we live near the airport, so we will count the plans that go by while we are outside for a period of time.
  2. Jumping Jacks or Just Plain Jumping: What a great option for a full body workout with the kiddos! Even a toddler can participate, or at least try. Count out loud to make this a fun learning activity as well! For some reason my kids get the most joy out of just jumping around for no reason, the arm coordination hasn’t really worked itself out quite yet!
  3. Planks: Do a plank challenge with the kids or better yet, challenge yourself and see how long you can plank with the kids on your back! I do admit that this is not one of my favorite exercises, mostly because my son like to grab a hold of my hair! And my daughter usually helps him get away with it!
  4. Dance: What a fun activity to do with the kids! Put on some fun music and jam it out! There are a lot of kid friendly and dance coordinated videos on YouTube, or just search for your favorite song and turn it into a singing activity.
  5. Yoga: What a great activity to include in your bedtime routine and your kids routine. Finding yoga videos on YouTube is very easy and fun! Our favorite YouTube channel is Cosmic Kids Yoga, I’ve personally used it for a few years with other kids.
  6. Weight lifting: Or in more literal terms “child lifting”. Let the kids take turns being lifted into the air, I’m sure that after 10 minutes of doing this your arms will be feeling the burn!
  7. Cleaning: Make a game of involving the kids in your daily cleaning tasks, put a timer on and beat the clock to clean up a room. My kids love to be involved in fast paced activities like these and it definitely helps get some chores checked off the list! Well there you have it, now stop making excuses and go have some fun with those kids! Well there you have it, now stop making excuses on why you don’t have time to exercise and go have some fun with those kids!

Do you have more ideas and tips for squeezing exercise into your busy routine?



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