Finding Time To Exercise When You Have A Busy Schedule:

Many of us are looking for ways to fit in daily exercise.

However, the majority of us have a jam packed schedule to begin with.

I know from experience and have had many failed attempts at exercising regularly.

With a little planning and persistence you can find the time!

Woman doing an exercise outside.

Below Are 20 Tips And Ideas To Find Time For Exercise:

  1. Workout during lunch:

    You may usually sit on your phone and waste the entire 30 minutes. Or you eat in 5 minutes and waste the other 25 day dreaming. Why not use that time to go outside and take a walk, or if the weather is bad do some squats or jumping jacks.

  2. Wake up early:

    Make a plan to wake up 30 minutes earlier and fit in 20 minutes of exercise.

  3. Stay up later:

    Again, make a conscious effort to stay up 30 minutes later to fit in exercise.

  4. Workout while watching TV:

    Walk on the treadmill, do jumping jacks during commercials, or run in place.

  5. Make a plan:

    Be prepared and know exactly what exercises your going to do.

  6. Create an active lifestyle:

    Make it a habit to use the stairs, park further, and bike to work or the store.

  7. Combine exercise and fun:

    Take a hike in a new location, go swimming with the family, go on a walk with a friend, or play outside with your kids.

  8. Complete a short but intense workout:

    Run up and down the stairs, do push ups, jog in place.

  9. Workout with your kids:

    Turn your daily workout into a game with the kids outside, or do some fun exercises with the kids at home. Read all about my 7 tips to workout with kids around.

  10. Schedule it in:

    Look at your calendar and decide when you will be free to workout in advance!

  11. Exercise at home:

    Save time packing your things and driving to the gym. Instead complete a quick and easy home workout.

  12. Get active during chores:

    See how much you can clean in 10 minutes, run up the stairs, break a sweat.

  13. Create a workout that can be completed anywhere:

    Combine squats, jumping jacks, and running in place. You can complete it at work, outside, at your kids game practice, at a friend or family members home, pretty much anywhere!

  14. Keep workout gear in the car:

    When you find time, be prepared and more likely to go workout by having everything ready in your car.

  15. Prepare meals in advance:

    By meal-prepping, you free up a lot of time before or after work for exercise. And you don’t have to leave your family starving!!

  16. Reward yourself:

    Rewards make it more likely that you will repeat the task. Pamper yourself, buy something you’ve been wanting, go see a friend, go to the movies. Try to avoid rewarding yourself with food.

  17. Stretch:

    Stretching activates many different muscles and can be a workout in itself. It also loosens up the body before a workout and helps relieve stress.

  18. Keep moving:

    You may work from home or sit at a desk all day. Set a time to get up and walk around, get a standing desk, or sit on an exercise ball.

  19. Stay focused:

    Focusing on a specific goal will save time you time and effort. Are you trying to lose 10 lbs., what do you need to reach that goal. Do you want abs, what exercises do you need to focus on.

  20. Get a fitness tracker:

    Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Park further from your job or the store. Walk up and down the stairs. Jog in place.

To Summarize,

These 20 tips can be used to find time to prioritize your workout routine.

When your stretched for time it makes it difficult to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Use these tips and ideas to your advantage. Make your health and happiness a priority.

What tips have you used on a busy day to still complete a workout?


P.S. Remember to checkout this post if you have kiddos: 7 tips to workout with kids around.


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