make money by exercising

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24 Ways to Make Money By Exercising

I recently discovered a way to make money by exercising, and I couldn’t wait to learn more and share it with everyone I know!


First of all, I have to be honest,

I’ve always struggled sticking to a workout plan.

But, I know I could accomplish my goals if I had rewards and incentives in place.

So when I discovered I could make money by exercising I was beyond excited!

I don’t know about you but money is a big motivator for me.

Not only can you become healthier but you can also make money too! Sign me up now!

Besides, who would turn down an easy way to make extra money?

Especially if it benefits you in more than one way!

Finally, having incentives for exercising is a huge part of being successful!


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Read below to learn about the 24 different ways you can make money by exercising:

make money by exercising

  1. Teach a yoga class or make yoga videos for YouTube.
  2. Become a personal trainer.
  3. Complete fitness challenges to win money with Healthy Wage. 
  4. Connect your fitness device and complete activities to earn rewards points with Walgreens.
  5. Join fitness challenges and win prize money for winning with Dietbet.
  6. Create weekly step goals and complete them to win prize money with Step Bet.
  7. Track your blood pressure, BMI, pulse and weight to earn prizes with Higi stations.
  8. Earn money for tracking your steps, sleep and meals with Achievement. 
  9. Make money running fitness boot camps. 
  10. Get cash back on exercise equipment and memberships purchases with Ebates.
  11. Complete fitness challenges and enter to win prizes provided by Under Armour. 
  12. Track your steps and earn money for your chosen charity with Charity Miles.
  13. Track your steps with Sweat Coin to earn money towards goods, services, and experiences.
  14. Join Vitality to complete wellness activities and earn points that can be used for products.
  15. Virgin Pulse is workplace wellness program, users can earn points towards rewards.
  16. Connect your Fitbit to your AARP account to earn rewards for tracking your steps.
  17. Explore what wellness incentive program your job may offer. My job offers me $150 a year for completing a cholesterol screening and an online health questionnaire!
  18. Join Skillshare to make video courses for others to watch and get paid.
  19. Become a dog walker and make money with Rover.
  20. Track your exercise at home and in the gym to earn rewards with Exercise Rewards. 
  21.  Use the Fit Potato App to get paid for completing your workout plan.
  22. Earn reward points with Better Points to apply towards vouchers or donate to charity.
  23. Complete jobs like moving furniture or cleaning to earn money with TaskRabbit.
  24. Earn points with Carrot Rewards by completing your steps goal and apply towards rewards.

I can’t wait to take advantage of all these different incentive programs!

I hope you can use these 24 resources to make it easier to reach your fitness goals.

Do you know any other ways to make money by exercising?


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