Meal Planning Monday And Links to Recipes:

Meal planning this week has been a bit more difficult than usual,

I am a full time registered nurse and mother 😉

So having to work over the weekend kind of put a damper on my meal prepping time (blah)

Any who, I got a lot done in spite of not having two full days to prep and keep everything else in order.

This week my goal was to focus on “No Bake” meals,

Essentially meals that I could just throw together, no waiting for the oven and checking on the food whatsoever! yay!

Compared to the week prior I did not have much food left over to make extra meals from,

This is actually a  good thing because not only are we eating all the food, were not wasting it or losing money by doing so.

I’ve struggled in the past to find meals that my kids will also enjoy.

Being that we are vegetarian I can’t just shove spinach and quinoa at them and think they’ll accept that.

I’ve got to be more creative than that!!

So I did a bit of Pinterest searching and found some recipes that the entire family could enjoy!

This week I spent $107, bit different from last week where I spent a little over $70!

The difference this week was I bought some essentials for our home, and replenished my flour and spices.

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Here are some of my favorite recipes this week:

Chickpea Burritos: 

I recently found this recipe and had to jot it down! I’ve been on a chickpea kick lately.. if that makes any sense. Basically they can be thrown into any recipe, they have no flavor in my opinion. I usually just add these to soups, but this week I decided to feature them in a taco style dish. This is a pretty simple, one skillet recipe.

Creamy Avocado & Spinach Pasta:

I don’t often plan a pasta dish for dinner. But when I saw this easy and healthy recipe I thought I’d give it a try. I know the kids will eat anything involving pasta, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fool them with the spinach and garlic sauce. Case solved, they loved it and I’m adding it to my meal plan for next week. I might even make the sauce again for some zucchini noodles 🙂

Creamy Avocado & Spinach Pasta

Burrito Bowl & Sauce:

I took advantage of this meal plan idea and prepped extra for our lunches. We don’t eat a ton of rice but it was a good filler for the salad bowl. We also enjoyed the different blend of vegetables and salsa. . I topped the bowls with two big handfuls of lettuce for a healthy crunch.

I confess I did not make the sauce they provided,  I was just strapped for time and too exhausted!

Burrito Bowl & Sauce

Peanut Butter Coconut Oatmeal:

This simple recipe is actually something that I came up with myself. Nothing special at all. I just mix together a cup of oats with peanut butter, milk (almond, soy or coconut), maple syrup, and cinnamon. Let this settle overnight. I have tried a few different variations of toppings like banana, coconut flakes and chocolate chips. This week I decided to use a mashed banana in place of peanut butter and it turned out delicious!

Peanut Butter Coconut Oatmeal

Cucumber Greek Salad:

I was definitely excited about adding this recipe to the mix this week because I’ve been real busy! This is a good meal prep recipe, chop everything up and top them in containers for lunches. My husband personally does not like black olives so I’m just going to omit those for now because I don’t want to play the guessing game when I pack lunches 😉

Some Healthy Snacks I Planned Were:

Chia seed pudding:

I talked about this last week, and I apologize for bringing this recipe up again. But it is sooo good and super easy to make… case closed!!

Oh and my son drank the whole thing and didn’t save me any and I was pretty happy about that 🙂

Chia Seed Pudding

Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough:

I told you I like chickpeas! So I found this recipe and I was pretty nervous about it at first. I don’t know of anything healthy that can compare to cookie dough, I’m sorry but I just don’t. This on the other hand was pretty darn tasty, and used simple ingredients you might already have at home. My kids were more interested in the chocolate chips on top than the actual “cookie dough” but they did get a few bites in! Yay!

Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough

No-Bake Toddler Cookies:

I’m loving this No baking theme, just saying!! And I can’t wait to make these for the kids this week. I’m hoping they last long enough to have as a grab and go option for snacks or breakfast with milk.


I really hope you enjoyed reading about my meal planning ideas and recipes for this week.

I know life can get busy, and it’s a struggle to find time to be healthier.

meal planning and meal prepping has saved me a lot of time and frustration by taking the guessing game out of our meals.

I have been able to prepare healthy meals for my family on budget and on time!

Which meal would your family enjoy the most?





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