How to find courage to workout in public

How To Find The Courage To Workout In Public:


I had a hard time finding the courage to workout in public,

The last time I went alone I just starred at the people around me as I walked on the treadmill and watched TV

I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t working harder or doing an intense workout like those around me.

If this story sounds familiar then just know your not alone, it happens to the best of us.

I prefer to workout in the comfort of my own home,

But I can’t always find the time with my kids around.

I decided it was time to face my fears and find the courage to workout in public.

I remember the times I felt comfortable working out in public and who got me through it.

Most of the time I would go with a friend or family member to fit in better.

What also helped is realizing that I was creating a healthier lifestyle for myself.

And things might feel uncomfortable at first, but over time it will become natural like everything else.

Because of this I thought I’d share a few things that helped me overcome my fear of working out in public.

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Below are 5 tips to help you find the courage to workout in public:

Bring a friend along, or even a group of friends to workout together:

I really hate going to the gym alone. It makes me so self conscious and I just can’t focus. I found it helpful to bring a friend along or take a client from work. That way I’m more involved in my own workout. Some gym memberships allow you to bring someone along with you so definitely check into the details of your membership. My job not only has a fitness gym, but also a YMCA membership. So I’ve definitely been taking advantage when possible. This would be a great idea for a get together instead of  going out for drinks and dinner.

How to find the courage to workout in public.

Split your membership with a family member and go together to workout:

Many gym memberships allow multiple adults and children on the plan. A great idea would be to split the cost of a gym membership with a family member. That way you have someone to bring along when you go workout. How nice would it would be to not have to pay the entire bill every month. You could also bring your children if they’re old enough. I’ve seen parents working out with their kids and I think that’s great. I personally feel much more comfortable going to the gym with a family member and I know they won’t judge me.

How to find courage to workout in public.

Workout next to others at the gym:

I keep thinking of all the times I went to the gym and hid in the corner, hoping no one would notice me working out. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t at the level others would and  thought working out away from others would help me feel more comfortable. Well I was totally wrong. I started finding other people in the gym and I would workout near them. This definitely helped me fit in better and feel more comfortable. I felt like I just blended right in with everyone versus isolating myself.

How to find courage to workout in public

Have a conversation with others at the gym:

Another great way to fit in and feel more comfortable at the gym would be to engage in conversation with others around you. This doesn’t mean you interrupt someone’s workout to ask them how they are doing. But pay attention to social cues, if someone is passing by say hello. When someone actually makes eye contact with you and replies, you will feel so much more comfortable and accepted. You may even make a new friend.

How to find courage to workout in public

Buy some new workout gear:

I used to hate having to go to the gym in my old tattered workout clothes. This made me feel much more self conscious and even distracted. I finally caved in and got some new workout leggings and tops. Not that it mattered so much to be, but it did help me fit in a little better. You don’t need one more thing to worry and feel self conscious about. So go ahead and try on some new outfits and pick one that you love, you deserve it!

How to find courage to workout in public

These are a few tips and ideas that have helped me find the courage to workout in public.

Which tip did you find the most useful?

What has helped you find the courage to workout in public?

What encouraging words can you share with those who do still fear working out in public?



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