Hello and I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend.

I spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend home with my kids for some much needed cuddle time.

This was my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian and the food turned out amazing.

I had a full plate and a fully belly just like everyone else!

My grandmother hosted dinner like usual and it was delicious!

And I even got to bring home some leftovers.

Meal Planning

First off, I was smart enough to keep things simple this week,

Because I knew we’d be bringing home leftovers from Thanksgiving.

To save some time this week I decided to prepare my fruit and vegetables ,

On Saturday I spent an entire morning  washing and chopping the produce for our meals this week.

I love the variety of the produce and the fact that it’s prepared in advance for many different recipes. 


Meal Prepping

Money Stats: 

So this week I spent a little more on food because of Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving I chose to make a sweet potato casserole and I also decided to make zucchini bites. This week I spent $126 on groceries which was pretty reasonable for the extra food I had to buy. I was able to get a ton of different vegetables and fruits. I also bought more liquids like soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and orange juice for smoothies.


Creamy Avocado & Spinach Pesto

I keep coming back to this recipe. I love the different flavors blended into this spinach pesto. And not only is it healthy, but it’s super easy to throw  together in a food processor until creamy. I made a batch of this to put on noodles this week. It can also be eaten separately with crackers, cucumbers or on toast!

Meal Planning.

Mini Zucchini Pizza Bites: 

I found this new recipe this week and I am so excited to make these for the kiddos. I’m crossing my fingers that they will actually eat them, they seem weary of anything green. I love that this recipe is simple and a healthy option for the kids’ lunches. I will definitely have to try a few myself!

Avocado Toast Superfood:

This is a simple yet healthy option for breakfast or lunch. I used a healthy flax seed bread and topped it with avocado and mixed in pepper. The recipe asked for sesame and hemp seeds but I didn’t use them. I made this over the weekend to take a break from leftovers and pie 🙂 It was really satisfying and tasty.

Avocado Toast

Plant Based Burrito Bowl:

It was so satisfying to mix together various different vegetables to make a healthy burrito bowl. This time I made my own selections of vegetables that I had previously chopped up and added a side of rice and spinach to mix in. I topped the veggie burrito bowl with green salsa. This was a delicious and fun lunch idea. I plan on making this a few more times this week with a side of black beans or garbanzo beans. I also plan on roasting the vegetables for a different flavor.

Burrito Bowl

Green Protein Shake: 

This smoothie was super easy to blend together in the morning for breakfast. It felt so good knowing I was taking in a lot of nutrition for breakfast. I had a cold this week so I definitely need the extra vitamins! This smoothie was pretty great and filling. I shared some with the kids as well. It took a bit of convincing to get them to try it, anything green freaks them out!
Green Protein Smoothie


No Bake Toddler Cookies:

These no bake cookies were super fun to make for the kiddos. I even let them help throw in the graham crackers, and eat a few along the way. They especially loved chomping on the dark chocolate chips. The cookies were pretty firm and well formed by the time they sat in the freezer for 20 minutes. These did not last long before they were all eaten up!

No bake Toddler CookiesVegan Blueberry Muffins:

I was really excited to find this recipe! A guilt free muffin recipe never fails. The kids chipped in and threw a few ingredients in the bowl for me, literally. They cooked a bit faster than the recipe calls, but that’s because I used a mini muffin tin. I love this as  healthy grab and go options for breakfast with milk or as a snack.

blueberry muffins


I hope you can try some of these healthy recipes!

Post a picture if you do!

What healthy meals are you planning this week?


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