Hello friends! It’s that time again to review some of the items I am really loving this week.

My passion is to help others live the best life they can!

So when I find something that I love to use, I just have to share it with others.

I love to share products and resources that can help you live a better lifestyle. 

In this post I’m going to share some of the things that have me really excited this week! 


Spirulina Powder:

I have been using Spirulina powder for over a year and I love the health benefits it provides. Spirulina is packed full of antioxidants and contains many nutrients including: iron, magnesium, vitamin A and calcium. The powder can be added to smoothies for a boost of nutrients. It can also be stirred into fresh made juices for additional vitamins. I love adding Spirulina powder to smoothies in the morning so I am energized for the day. I  use a mix of orange juice, banana, mango and Spirulina powder. My kids actually enjoy this smoothie mix and will drink the entire glass.  If your looking for an easy way to boost your health and increase nutrients then try Spirulina powder. I order my powder from Amazon.

spirulina powder 

I recently discovered this new blog that focuses on living a vegan lifestyle. Though I am not vegan personally, I think it’s beneficial to prepare healthy plant based dishes as often as possible. I love the Vegan Grocery List that is laid out and explained in detail. I wish I would have found this blog when I switched to a vegan diet in February because I had no clue what I was doing. I love coming back to this grocery list because it points out all the basic foods that can be used for your recipes. It’s nice because it takes the guessing game out of choosing a healthy balanced meal plan. I will definitely be sharing this page and grocery shopping list with others.


Renpure tea tree mint body wash:

This is my favorite body wash ever! I tried it for the first time about a year ago and I fell in love. This Tea tree oil body wash is so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling and smelling amazing! I love that this brand of body wash is plant based! And it is free of many toxic ingredients that can harm the skin including: dyes, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. I feel great knowing me and my family are using a brand that avoids using harmful chemicals in it’s products. I found this bottle in Target but I see that it can also be found on Amazon.

Tea Tree Body Wash


Mighty Fix:

I signed up for the mighty fix prescription this week! Literally on Monday I saw a post about the earth friendly products they send to you and by Thursday I received my first product. This week they sent two Swedish dish cloths. The product is earth friendly and compostable. The dish rags are super absorbent for cleaning up messes, but then dries completely in hours. I love these because I hate having wet dish rags sitting around in the kitchen, which is gross. These Swedish dishrags however, can be rinsed clean and they dry very fast. I can’t wait to see what comes next! The subscription is $10 a month and you get free shipping on additional items. This is a great gift idea by the way for Christmas or birthdays! Use the code: Invite7 for $7 off your first order.

Mighty Nest

I just love sharing healthy resources with everyone and I hope you can take advantage of them.

Which is your favorite healthy product?

Have you tried any of these items before?



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