5 Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

It’s Winter in Wisconsin, snow is piling up and we are spending more time indoors.

I’ve been working pretty hard to keep prepare healthy and nutritious meals for my family.

Besides, this is our first winter as vegetarians and I don’t want to fall off our healthy diet.

I’m sure you understand how hard it is to stay healthy around the holidays as well,

I hear a lot of people putting their weight and health goals off until the new year..

Well we aren’t!

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Check out these healthy and nutritious meals I’m making for my family this week 🙂

Monday: Spicy Chickpea & Quinoa Bowl

I’ve definitely been getting a kick out of these beautiful “buddha bowls” I see online. So, I was so excited when I found this Vegan buddha bowl on wellandfull.com. I love that I can make this in less than 40 minutes for dinner. The baked chickpeas look amazing and she also provides a recipe for homemade red bell pepper sauce! Once all the ingredient are prepared in a bowl it looks absolutely delicious and healthy. This is a vegan recipe as well, I am no longer vegan, but it’s nice to have a clean meal. I’m preparing for my kids to just chow down on the yummy baked chick peas and probably a side of quinoa and some fruit.

Tuesday: Plant-Based Burrito Bowl

Taco Tuesday.. Well actually burrito bowl Tuesday but same difference. I am so excited to make these quick and healthy burrito bowls for dinner. The recipe is super basic and easy to follow, but the mix of flavors will be amazing! I took it a step further, okay I just got lazy actually, and went and bought some meatless crumbles instead of making my own tofu crumbles. One reason I did that is because it cuts out some time and my kids are not a fan of tofu for some reason. I’m sure they will enjoy this recipe as much as I will, and any leftovers will be packed for lunch the next day! cha-ching!

Wednesday: Greek Quinoa Bowl

Yet another Buddha Bowl, I told you I’m intrigued. Not only is this recipe from yummly.com super easy, but delicious and nutritious! I love how much is packed into this bowl, a little bit of quinoa, some spinach, chickpeas, chopped cucumber and tomatoes and the list goes on. The flavor score is off the chart with hummus and fresh parsley and lemon involved. I will definitely be making some extra for lunch the next day. By the way, my kids are what you call picky eaters. So they will have a deconstructed buddha bowl and a side of fruit.

Thursday: Pesto Pita Bread Pizza

I’m so excited to make these pesto pizzas. Number one, because I love pizza. And number two, I think my kids will actually eat these! I made a similar version last week before I found this recipe and it was pretty successful. At that time I just used pesto and mushrooms. What I love about this recipe is that it incorporates a lot more, like fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

Friday: One Pot Vegetarian Spaghetti

Okay so I’m mostly pumped to make this vegetarian spaghetti because I won’t have to do so many dishes 🙂 You literally throw everything in the same pot and call it a night. I also love this recipe because I can enjoy my carbs and not feel ashamed. Spinach and noodles cancel each other out if you didn’t know that 😉 (just kidding)Plus I know my kids will eat this one for sure. Another note, at the end she explains how you can make the vegan version of this.

Bonus Dessert Recipe: Peanut Butter Ice Cream 

I found this healthy vegan “ice cream” recipe just today actually and I’m looking forward to making this tonight after dinner. I already have the bananas, we always have a stockpile anyways. And I have the other 2 ingredients always on hand: peanut butter and vanilla extract. I bet the kids will appreciate this one!

In summary,

I’m so glad I found these delicious and nutritious recipes this week!

I cant wait to take on this winter and enjoy eating and living healthy all year round.

What nutritous meals are you preparing this winter?

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