Thing's I'm Lovin'

Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday:

Hello and I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break and you’re getting back into your normal routine.

I definitely appreciated some time off of work and being able to see all of my family.

Now that my schedule is back to normal and life is crazy as usual 😉

I have to stop and remember to appreciate the little things here and there.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impact on us!

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Here are the things I’m loving this week:

Pumpkin Seed Face Serum

I recently sampled a pumpkin seed face serum from a Fab Fit Fun membership and I am in love! I don’t usually have a ton of time to spend on my skin. It’s always really dry or really oily, not ever perfect. Since I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks I’ve noticed less breaks outs, less oil and less dry skin. I use the maximum of 4 drops in the morning after cleaning my face and my skin is instantly soft and hydrated. I’m looking forward to purchasing a full size bottle and other brands from this company. The reason it’s so beneficial to use: “reduces facial wrinkles, helps with acne, retains water in the skin to moisturize, and it prevents harm from outside pollution on the skin”.

Things I'm Lovin'

Forks Over Knives Book:

(I highly recommend not only reading this book, but watching the corresponding documentary on Netflix)

I love the introduction of this books which talks about many of the issues with food today. It also explains why a plant based lifestyle can not only save our lives, but the planet’s life. The book provides a huge meal planning section with tons of plant based recipes. There are tips for preparing plant based  meals and how to life a plant based lifestyle. I recently discovered their website where they offer a free trial to an online meal planning service. I signed up for a two week free trial. The meal planning service organized plant based meals for each day and gives tips for preparing the food. They also generate a grocery list every week that corresponds with your meal plan.

Things I'm Lovin' Thursday

Pampered Chef Food Chopper: 

I have been using this pampered chef food chopper for a few months now since I had a party this summer. I am obsessed with the thing to say the least. It works similar to a  food processor. I use it to chop veggies and nuts into small bit size pieces. You work it by pressing down to chop the pieces with the blades. I love it for dicing peppers and garlic, nuts and to chop onions so I don’t have to cry every time! I’m looking forward to using my chopper for a new recipe I found for apple pancakes. If you want a discount, host a party and invite friends to spend $20-$30 and you will qualify for a free or reduced price item.

Things I'm Lovin' Thursday

Terrasoul Protein Powder:

I can’t say enough about this protein powder. It’s subtle in taste and provides a nice amount of protein, but is low in calories. I’ve used this in various recipes, from smoothies, to brownies and overnight oats. I love this plant based protein powder because I don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients or hormones being in the product. The price is reasonable for the bag, I’ve had it for about half a year and still have about a quarter of a bag. I use a scoop here or there a few times a week for some added nutrients and protein for myself and my kiddos. This is a budget friendly brand and I would definitely recommend this to anyone to try.

Things I'm Lovin'I hope you can benefit from these amazing items as much as I have!

What little things are making a healthy difference in your life?





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