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I hope your December is getting along as well as mine is, My daughter just celebrated her 3rd birthday. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I’ve been so busy thinking about our Christmas plans and gifts to buy everyone that I feel like I haven’t had much time to just relax. 

I’m definitely looking forward to our Christmas cabin retreat with our entire family to up North Wisconsin. Were spending the weekend before Christmas together this year and I can’t wait to get away! I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes with the family and making Christmas cookies of course! 

Last weeks’ recipes were a total success! So I’m even more pumped to try some new recipes. This week I found a ton of delicious and healthy recipes to make for my family. I’m especially looking forward to the sweet treats I’m planning for the kiddos. 

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Here are my favorite recipes this week: 

  1. Veggie Fajitas: So I actually whipped these bad boys up tonight and they were delicious! Super easy to throw all the ingredients together in a pan and done and eaten in less than 20 minutes. I loved how simple and healthy this recipe was. I will definitely be saving this for the future. By the way,  I got access to this recipe by signing up for a trial of a meal planning service through Forks Over Knives. They offer a 14-day trial of their meal planning service online where they offer delicious vegan recipes, a grocery store list and nutritional details all in one place. 
  2. Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Bake: I am so excited to make this dish for my family. I’ve been on a quinoa kick lately and I’m lovin’ it! Now this recipes pairs quinoa with sweet potatoes and black beans, which sounds amazing! Then all you do is throw it in the oven and bam! Dinner is ready. I love their meal prep idea for lunch the next day by pairing it with a side salad. 
  3. Peanut Noodles With Vegetables: I found a video for this recipe provided by Forks Over Knives. I looove peanut butter so I’m looking forward to making this homemade peanut noodle recipe. I also love that the recipe uses frozen vegetables because my wrist needs a break every once in a while. 😉
  4. Black Bean Chili: So I found this super easy chili recipe by Mashup Mom. My kiddos love black beans! Like they will eat them straight out the can. So I’m hoping they will enjoy this meal as much as I will!
  5. Taco Bowl With Crispy Chickpeas: I am loving this burrito bowl idea by Killing Thyme. Crispy taco flavored chickpeas sound amazing right abot now! Plus I love the idea of using greek yourt in place of sour cream.  

Bonus Recipe Chia Pudding: I actually made this in the morning for a healthy breakfast option. It was suuper tasty! I love the sweet flavor of the bananas and the rich flavor from the cocoa. 

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