How to build a healthy support system

How To Build A Healthy Support System

How To Build A Healthy Support System:


It’s not easy maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan without a support system.

Some days I find myself not wanting to meal plan or eat 5 servings of vegetables a day.

But then I think of my “why”. The reasons I chose to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. 


See my family has a history of health issues, cancer, diabetes, and even more unknown.

I don’t want that for my family, myself and especially not my children.

I knew I’d have to make some big changes in my life, and that would be to fix my diet and get more active. 


I’m on a journey to inspire and help others learn more about nutrition and health so they can live a better life.

Along the way I’m finding myself become more involved and knowledgeable in my own health and nutrition.

I’ve depended on social media for support along the way, Pinterest and YouTube for ideas and tips to help others and Netflix to learn about health documentaries.

Without these platforms I would not have been able to support myself, my family or my friends to live a healthier life.

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Here is how I built my healthy support system:

  1. Social Media: I have built a huge support system from Facebook. Back when I first changed my diet to vegan I found a lot of resources and daily support on their online group pages. I was able to connect with like-minded individuals who understood me and were able to help me effectively transition to a plant based lifestyle. I also started a Facebook group of my own for my family and friends so that I could share my health journey. That has also been a success and everyone is very supportive in that group as well. Instagram is another platform that I use to share my healthy meals and to get ideas for healthy living. I even tailored my newsfeed to only health driven instagramers so I would have that support every time I logged on. Smartphone Showing Facebook Application
  2. Pinterest: I am in love with this platform. I try to avoid mindlessly scrolling through their feed but it’s hard sometimes. I’ve been using Pinterest for years now, so I’ve built a ton of “boards” where I save tips and ideas and recipes that can support my healthier lifestyle. My favorite thing to do when I’m meal planning is to search for a specific food item and be able to get access to tons of new recipes. I love that you can even specify whether the recipes be vegan, vegetarian, easy recipes and more. I highly recommend you start building “boards” on Pinterest or even just use it as a search engine. Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder
  3. Netflix: I pay a monthly subscription to use Netflix and I believe it is so worth it! Over time I have discovered so many health documentaries that have opened my eyes and left me wanting more answers. My plant based journey started out with Netflix. I discovered some eye opening health documentaries and I decided to make a change to a plant based lifestyle. Now I love Netflix, but I don’t want anyone sitting around all day watching videos and thinking that’s healthy 🙂 
  4. YouTube: I just love YouTube. You can literally find anything on there! YouTube wasn’t a huge part of my decision to change to a plant based lifestyle, but it’s pretty useful now. I like to watch different educational videos about a topic I am interested in. I am also able to find a ton of inspiration from people who have changed their diet and are happy and healthy. Turned-on Silver Imac
  5. Family: As you can see I have family last. This is not to say that my family was not supportive, or that your family won’t be supportive. But it is important to realize that they can’t logically support you if they know nothing about living a healthy plant based lifestyle. My family was not the “expert” when I transitioned to a plant based lifestyle, so I didn’t depend on them for support like I normally would for anything else. Your family will always be there for you no matter what, but you can’t expect them to understand and fully support something they’ve never done. Group of People Holding Arms

In summary, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle on your own can be difficult at times. It’s important to have multiple sources of support even if that means turning to social media and depending on people you don’t even know. If you plan to be successful then you have to surround yourself and interact with like minded individuals. 

You need to ask yourself, 

What choices will I make today to support my health?



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