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I hope all is well and your Christmas plans are coming together smoothly.

My family and I are all heading to North Wisconsin to spend Christmas weekend together.

We found an awesome cabin with enough room for all 14 of us!

We plan on decorating cookies and making meals together.

Of course we will have a little fun and enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin weather 😉

In the meantime, I’d like to share some delicious meals I plan on making this week.

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Here are my favorite recipes this week:

1. Spinach Lasagna Rolls

I was super excited to find this recipe. Mostly because I have a ton of spinach leftover from last week when it was on sale. I felt like the recipe was pretty simple and easy to follow. The only difficulty I had was cooking the noodles correctly. I felt the entire meal came out pretty easy and tasted delicious. We didn’t taste the spinach very much and the whole meal came together nicely. I would recommend this recipe to anyone who enjoys spinach, because there is a lot used in the recipe and someone with patience.

2. Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Who wouldn’t like stuffed bell peppers on a cold winter night. I’m definitely looking forward to making this for my family tomorrow. The recipe is easy to follow, just cook the rice and add in some canned and frozen ingredients. I chose to use green bell peppers for this recipe, primarily because they were on sale.

3. Cauliflower Cheddar Fritters

These cauliflower fritters look extra delicious. I’m actually confident my kiddos will enjoy these. There is a very simple recipe to follow and it doesn’t require much in terms of meal preparation. I don’t usually make fried foods, but for this I will make an exception.

4. Stuffed Sweet Potato

This stuffed sweet potato recipe sounds delicious. There is a bit of a time commitment in terms of getting the potatoes cooked, but it is so worth it! After that you just mix everything into the cooked potato and broil them until the cheese is melted. Talk about deliciousness!

5. Soy burger from Aldi

So our local Aldi grocery store carries this new brand of soy burgers. I’ve tried a few different brands from other stores and this is by far my favorite. The price is reasonable, usually around $3 for 4 burgers. I love to top the burgers with tomato, red onion and avocado. These are a must try!

I hope you enjoy these delicious and nutritious recipes as much as me and my family will!

Which recipe do you like the most?

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