How to easily eat more vegetables

How to easily eat more vegetables:

I struggled for a long time trying to make myself eat more vegetables

But I could tell my body was sick and tired of the way I was treating it

When I finally switched to a plant based diet I felt like a new person

I can honestly say I couldn’t do half the things I do now before my diet changed

I’m more active now because I’ve got more energy and my sleep is just the same as before

Just by changing my diet I have been able to improve my overall physical and mental health

But how can you get healthier when you hate vegetables?

Not everyone can see themselves making such a big change overnight

And the truth is you don’t even have to

Life is all about balance,

So you can continue to eat the things you like,

but moving forward you should start to add healthier foods into your diet

This may seem pretty difficult if you don’t totally love vegetables, but that’s not the case.

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Here are some tips to eat more vegetables:How to easily eat more vegetables

  • Hide vegetables in meals you already enjoy like Macaroni or Spaghetti.

  • Make a Soup with basic vegetables you do like: carrots, potatoes, celery, onion. You could even add in pasta if you don’t want all vegetables.

  • Have a Smoothie for breakfast and instead of using all fruit, try adding in a handful of vegetables like: spinach, kale, carrot, celery, beet and avocado. By using the right amount of fruit per vegetable serving, you will increase your vegetable intake without even noticing.

  • Are you a pizza lover 😉 Then you have to try this homemade pizza crust recipe, it’s delicious and healthy and counts towards your vegetable intake.

  • Think of the vegetables you do like, no corn does not count! Eat the vegetables you do enjoy and slowly start to test out new vegetables as time goes by.

  • Do you love fries? Then trying making some of these healthy fries recipes using different vegetables.

  • Everyone loves chips and dip. Try making a homemade vegetable dip, you could even eat the dip with carrots or celery, or go for the typical chips and pretzels.

  • Try adding a side salad to your meals, that way you get to enjoy the foods you do like but get the added benefits from vegetables.

Eating more vegetables doesn’t have to be a never ending battle,

Use these tips to casually adopt a more plant base lifestyle without the added stress.

How else can your increase your daily intake of vegetables?




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