6 Tips for a healthier commute

6 Tips For A healthier Commute

It’s crazy to think of the time we spend just getting from one place to another

Imagine all the things we could accomplish in that time if we didn’t have to spend it in the car

I remember when I was in college I would commute from Madison to Milwaukee a few times a week!

That alone added up to over 6 hours a week just driving to school!

The average person could spend around 4 hours or more a week just commuting to work!

I don’t know about you but I could use an extra 4 hours to myself here and there!

It’s hard enough trying to stay healthy and active with the little time I do have in the day

So I thought I’d come up with some ideas to make use of the time I spent commuting places

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Here are 6 tips to make your daily commute healthier:

  1. Drink Water: I always have an excuse for not drinking enough water. But if I keep some bottled water in the car I noticed that I grab for it more often. I do a lot of driving now to work and throughout the day at work, so this idea really works well for me. Another idea would be to keep an extra pack of botted waters in your vehicle for those extra long commute days.
  2. Stretching: Now I don’t meant to say you should stretch while driving. But take advantage of stop lights and stop signs to stretch parts of your body. Of course you will most likely only be able to stretch your upper body but those little stretches add up over time. It’s not only helpful to keep your body moving during your commute but you will become more flexible over time.
  3. Enjoy a smoothie: I love smoothies so this idea works well for me. Before you leave the house blend together a healthy smoothie to sip on during your daily commute. This will jump start your intake of fruits and veggies for the day and is a healthy meal replacement. The nice thing is it’s totally easy to throw everything into a blender and you may even save some time by not having to clean up a whole meal for breakfast.
  4. Eat a healthy snack: I often find myself hungry at odd times of the day and of course I’m no where near home or work to get something to eat. Instead of running to your nearest fast food joint, which is a terrible idea when your hungry, you could keep a pack of healthy snacks in the car. I know from experience how helpful this can be when I’m having a busy day and don’t make it back to the office in time for lunch. Some of my favorite snacks to keep in the car are granola bars and nuts.
  5. Practice mindfulness: Commuting to work or school everyday can be stressful at times, or maybe all the time. Instead of participating in road rage, which is not a health activity 😉 Try some mindfulness exercises. Concentrate on the little sights and sounds around you. Focus on your breathing and take some deeper breaths. Try to relax and calm down before you get to work or before you get home at night and you will feel so much better able to handle the day.
  6. Change up what you listen to: It’s so easy to flip through the radio stations and zone out to the latest sounds tracks, which is nice Sometimes. But imagine putting that time to good use by listening to the latest health and personal development podcasts. We often hear a lot of negative things on the radio which have a Huge impact on our mood and outlook on life. What if you used those 4 hours a week to learn something new or boost your mood. I can definitely tell a difference in my attitude when I listen to podcasts in the car and because of it others engage with me more positively.

In summary,

We waste a lot of precious time commuting to work and school and even for our daily lives

Imagine what your could learn or accomplish with an extra 4 hours a week

If we took advantage of that time we could improve ourselves mentally and physically


How would you improve your health if you had an extra 4 hours a week?





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