How To Avoid The dieting Trap

How To Avoid The Dieting Trap:

When I think of dieting I imagine feeling stressed and overwhelmed by a restrictive menu.

Dieting is often unsuccessful because it can be too complicated and not sustainable.

Instead of wasting all of your time researching  all of the latest diet trends,

(Here are some of the latest trends: Paleo, Ketogenic, and Vegan) 😉

Choose food that you Truly believe will nourish your body and provide maximum nutrition.


So, if you believe eating meat and fish will nourish your body, Then eat it!

Paired with a whole food diet, you should me more than successful, if that’s what works in your body.

On the other spectrum, if you choose a plant- based diet, and you have found this working for you,

then benefit as much as you can from that.


My point is, it’s often not too difficult choosing the right food to nourish your body.

The problem is we’re not balancing the rest of our daily life in order to Support a healthier lifestyle.

If we want to successfully reach our health goals we must plan ahead, get more organized,

and apply these healthy and productive tips to avoid dieting:


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How To Avoid The Dieting Trap


Eat Food To Fuel Your Body:

Your diet doesn’t have to be restrictive or complicated in order to be successful for you. Whenever your choosing food in the store or at a restaurant think, will this nourish my body and promote health. Every bad habit we’ve developed over the years could simply be un-done by practicing to reverse it.

Add Healthy Foods In Your Diet:

Restrictive dieting is often an unsuccessful diet. You will be motivated and more likely to choose healthy foods if you know it’s not All you have to eat. Sure, every once in a while we celebrate at a party and enjoy some treats and sugary drinks. But let this not be everyday. Simply try a new vegetable, fruit or grain every week in order to expand your diet.

Focus On Carb Control:How To Avoid The Dieting Trap

Common sense would tell you that chips and snacks are not good choices for nourishing your body. It helps to be aware of excessive consumption of processed carbs : snacks, chips and white bread. By simply paying close attention to the amount of carb loaded foods we’re eating, we can better control the overconsumption.

Plan Ahead Of Time:

You can’t expect yourself to come home every night after work and prepare a healthy dinner, wake up the next day and have breakfast ready, then lunch and repeat forever. Instead plan your meals ahead of time and cook in batches. One session of cooking should provide meals for 2 separate days, that way you’ve always got healthy food ready on hand.

Limit Sugar Intake:

If your a child then you might get away with eating sugar all day. Unfortunately as an adult you don’t have that gene anymore. 🙂 No matter what diet you have, you should avoid added sugars like the plague! Simply choose fresh fruit and dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth. An occasional treat might not hurt either. 🙂

Monitor Your Waist Size:How To Avoid The Dieting Trap

I have to admit, checking my weight everyday is depressing. Watching your weight fluctuate by 0.5 pounds or even a few pounds is no fun! Instead, take a waist measurement tape and monitor your waist size. As the number goes down, you will truly know that you are getting healthier, opposed to your weight that fluctuates based on many factors.

Manage Your Stress:

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have more cravings for unhealthy food when I’m upset and stressed out. I mean what’s better than cookies and chocolate when your not in the greatest mood. But who is that helping? Not you! Instead develop your own coping plan, and even include healthy food and drinks to help support you. ( One example would be to drink warm tea to help calm you down)

Eat Food Only when Hungry:

I remember reading somewhere that you should eat 6 times a day. So I would pack tons of snacks for work and I’d be eating all night and getting no where real fast. So, that might work for someone who is training for an athletic competition. But it doesn’t work for me. Instead, listen to your body. You don’t have to starve to lose weight, but you also shouldn’t eat all day long just because someone told you to do it. As long as your drinking water and eating whole foods you should be successful.

In summary,

To be successful in reaching your health goals, you should avoid restrictive diets and fads,

And focus on eating good foods that nourish you as an individual.

Remember to plan things ahead of time, that includes meal planning and prepping.

And managing stressful situations so you can focus on eating when necessary versus when emotional.


What does your “healthy” plate look like?
Do you have balance in your daily life to support a healthy lifestyle?


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