My List of Healthy Food Alternatives

Healthy Alternatives To Unhealthy Food

Finding healthy alternatives to unhealthy food can be very simple

One example is switching a few ingredients in a recipe that you love

Or even better, eating a healthier version of a food you love.

It’s easier to switch up a few key ingredients in a recipe , than to try and learn a whole new way of eating.

Making these small changes is a easy way to adopt a healthier lifestyle without the added stress.

If you’re looking to improve your health and wellbeing, but aren’t sure where to start,

then this guide to healthy food alternatives will help you get on track.

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My Healthy Food Alternatives

Ditch the pasta: Try making your own vegetable noodles using a variety of vegetables including: zucchini, squash and sweet potato. Not only will this slash calories, which is a huge motivator, but you will be nourishing your body with endless amounts of nutrients and fiber. If you do find yourself craving pasta, buy whole wheat or try spaghetti shirataki which is a Japanese noodle made from  yam. (recipes here)

My Healthy Food Alternatives

Chose a better bread: It’s easy to get confused by the endless amount of health claims plastered all over bread packaging these days. It’s best to stick with 100% whole grain breads. Finding a bread with seeds is even better because of their healthy fats. Pay attention to the ingredient list and avoid high fructose corn syrup at all costs. Yes there is sugar in the bread! You can even skip the store all together and make homemade bread!(recipe here)

My Healthy Food Alternatives

Choose organic and free range: Good for the environment and better for the soul. Organic meat and dairy and organic and free range eggs are the optimal choices if you’re going to eat them. Avoiding added hormones no matter what your consuming is the safest route to go. If your going to eat meat choose organic and grass fed meats. Free range and pastured eggs are the safest and healthiest choices.

My Healthy Food Alternatives

Meat and Fish Replacements: There are many options these days for replacing meat, chicken and fish. If you so choose you can buy just exactly that, meatless burgers, meatless chicken tenders, fishless fish and so on. It’s best to limit these items in your diet because they are higher on the processed foods list. Jackfruit is a natural replacement for pork, and tofu can be sautéed and scrambled up like you would ground beef. If you continue to eat meat, the healthiest choices are organic grass fed beef, organic free range chickens and non-farmed fish. At all costs, avoid deli meat and hot dogs because of added chemicals.

My Healthy Food Alternatives

Cheese: There are a various brands of cheese replacements. They offer already shredded dairy free cheese and dairy free cheese slices. I personally have not been able to find a brand that I love. I did however find a vegan macaroni and cheese powder recipe that I tried with my kids and it wasn’t bad at all. (recipe here)If you do eat cheese make sure you buy blocks of cheese, the shredded cheese has unnatural ingredients in it to keep it from sticking together.
My Healthy Food Alternatives

Milk replacements: There are tons of different choices out there for replacing dairy milk. It’s best to limit your intake of dairy milk. Some healthier choices would include: coconut milk, soy milk, cashew milk, almond milk and oat milk. There are endless kinds of milk alternatives but our household favorite is coconut milk, it’s low in calories but high in good fats. There are also recipes floating around out there where you can make your own milk! I myself have made coconut milk and almond milk homemade. If you do continue to drink cow’s milk, choose organic for the safest and healthiest.

My Healthy Food Alternatives

Throw away the chips: In the past I would eat half a bag of chips as a snack and still feel hungry. Not only do chips have unhealthy carbs but unhealthy fats as well. Now the only chips I buy are wholegrain tortilla chips, I even found a bag one time with flax seeds in them! For a healthier chip replacement try pea crisps which actually have a good amount of protein in them. You can also take things into your own hands and make banana chips or homemade potato chips.My Healthy Food Alternatives.

Switch your sugar: We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, but that doesn’t stop us from eating it! Unnatural sweeteners can be harmful to the body and is often used in certain foods. Instead of trying to ditch sugar all together, replace white sugar with more natural types of sugar. Some of my favorite sugar replacements include: stevia, coconut sugar and honey. (link to sugar indices)My Healthy Food Alternatives.

Beware of some oils: There are so many different kinds of oils and for a long time vegetable oil was very popular because of it’s supposed health benefits. That has recently become an issue because the benefits fall short in comparison to other natural oil like olive oil and coconut oil. Vegetable oil is highly processed and not natural. It’s best to choose organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil which can sustain higher cooking heat. If all else fails, use water to sauté and fry; sometime I even use vegetable broth for extra flavoring.My Healthy Food Alternatives.

Processed pizza: Yes, we’ve come to this heart breaking topic. Honestly for years I was eating so much dominos pizza that I would earn a free pizza every month, it was so sad. But now that I have the knowledge that I do, I try to avoid eating processed pizza. The problem with commercial pizzas is that the dough is highly processed and the sauce contains tons of unhealthy sugars. Your better off making a homemade crust and topping it with your favorite toppings. One of my favorite pizza recipes is a cauliflower pizza crust, because who wouldn’t want a  few servings of vegetables in their pizza.My Healthy Food Alternatives.

Sweets and Cakes: Unless you’ve got a birthday party to attend every weekend you should avoid sweets and cakes like the plague. These foods are filled with tons of unhealthy fats and whit flour. Instead, make some homemade goodies with whole wheat flour and coconut sugar. You may even get away with eating treats every week. You should however add some dark chocolate into your diet for a healthy sweet snack alternative. My Healthy Food Alternatives.

Fast Food Fries: This was a hard one to overcome since I basically craved fries when I was pregnant. But now that I know how dangerously unhealthy they are, it’s easier to say no. Choose to make homemade versions of fries by using regular potatoes or sweet potatoes. Make potato wedges easily and create a tasty dip to go with it (recipe here).

My Healthy Food Alternatives.

Ice cream: Me just mentioning ice cream probably made you crave some ice cream! But really, try to avoid it as much as possible because of the amount of sugar and calories. Instead you should try making a homemade ice cream like dessert using bananas and coconut milk (recipe here). You could also try making a peanut butter banana smoothie to satisfy sugar cravings.

Changing your entire diet can be stressful and discouraging,
Instead review your dietary choices on a weekly basis and chose 1-2 areas to really focus on.

This may take some time to accomplish

But the benefits last longer than they would with a strict diet.

What plans do you have for improving your diet ?











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