5 ways to practice mindful eating

5 Mindful Eating Tips For Weight loss

These mindful eating tips can protect you from impulsive eating habits

Over time poor and impulsive eating habits are detrimental to your health.

These habits can contribute to having a poor relationship wit with food including bingeing and weight gain.

Without the right set of skills, it can be difficult to manage and control bad eating habits. 

Very simple interventions can be used to prevent mindless eating  from continuing.

For instance, it can be as simple as using all five sense while enjoying a meal and as difficult as journaling everything that you eat.

Choose to practice one new skill a week, giving yourself time to practice and adjust to using the technique.

Here are 5 mindful eating tips that can be incorporated into your daily life:

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5 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

Take Smaller Bites: Practice being present in the moment when eating by purposely taking smaller bites of food. Take the time to sit back and relax and enjoy your food. Taking small bites with allow you to fully engage and give yourself time to enjoy your meal. One benefit is that you will notice that you are full much sooner and are less likely to over eat. Secondly you will begin to build a positive relationship with food when you are in control of your behaviors and not the other way around.

What is your current relationship with food right now?


Do you believe using this skill will improve your relationship with food?


5 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

Use Your Five Senses: Using your five senses at meal times is more difficult than it sounds. Taking the time to actually relax and enjoy a meal is hard these days. By using this technique you will begin to fully embrace each meal. Look at the color of your food, feel the different textures as you chew, smell the aroma of the food. You get the idea. Doing this exercise will enhance your meal time experience and bring you to a higher level of appreciation and satisfaction. And lastly this works better when you are cooking from home because you can fully engage from start to finish.

Do you like to cook fresh meals from home?


How can you use this skill to better improve your relationship with food?


5 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

Keep A Food Journal: Writing down what you eat and drink for a few days out of every month is an idea if your trying to kick bad eating habits. The purpose of the journal is to bring to conscious what you’ve been doing unconsciously this whole time. Review your journal notes at the end of the few day, look for trends and triggers to eating poorly. Are you skipping breakfast? Are you grabbing a muffin everyday before work?Reflect on these behaviors. Where can you make some adjustments to these behaviors?

Is it possible for you to journal your food for a few days?


Can you think in advance where your problems areas might be?


5 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

Don’t Eat Alone: Eating by yourself make it that much easier to over consume and not even realize. Think about it, your sitting on the couch alone watching TV with an entire bag of chips and before you know it you’ve eaten them all! When we sit and eat with a group of people were more self conscious of our eating behaviors and it’s unlikely that we will over eat in front of others. Not only will you reduce your caloric intake but socializing and engaging with others around meal times builds a positive relationship with food.

How can you include others in your meal times?


Do you believe eating with a group of people will help or hinder your relationship with food?


5 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

Look At The Label: I can’t impress upon you enough how important it is to read the food label. To be honest I was somone who got all my information from the front of the box: “low fat”, “heart healthy”, “sugar free”, “natural”. So, when I started to look at the nutrition label I was shocked to find out the food in these packages weren’t as healthy as they claimed. I recently was told that if the package even has a health claim on it to avoid because it’s most often not very healthy. One example would be Yoplait’s Strawberry Yogurt which claims to be healthy because it “low fat”, but when you look at the nutrition label it’s high in sugar and even has added sugars.

Do you pay more attention to the front of a food package or the back?


What do you think you’ll find when you look at the nutrition and ingredient list on foods already in your home?


In summary,

These mindful eating tips can help improve our relationship with food and in return improve our health

Whether it’s keeping a journal of the food you eat or looking at the back of the food package for the nutrition label

These small practices used every day can make a huge difference in your health over time.


What was your biggest takeaway from this message?

How can you apply these techniques today?


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