36 Ways To Create A Healthier Morning Routine

Today I want to share with you 36 ways to create a healthier morning routine.

There is never enough time in the day to work on all the things we actually would like to do for ourselves.

However, I find that I’m more productive when working on my top goals in the morning. It’s such a rewarding feeling when you’ve completed half your goals by breakfast time.

These tips for a successful morning routine can be completed in just a few short minutes. The benefit is that over time these habits will compound to create a newer and healthier you. This general list is not something that should or can be done in a single morning. It’s best to choose a few of these items to add to your morning routine. The goal is to improve your health over time.

Use this list to create your healthy morning routine:

  1. Get out of the bed right away: Does this sound familiar, your alarm wakes you up, you grab your phone, sit in the bed for 30 minutes and then you realize you barely have enough time to shower and get ready before work. Instead of wasting 30 minutes lying around, make sure you leave your phone or alarm across the room and get out of the bed immediately in the morning. This will free up some time for making a healthy breakfast or time for working out.
  2. Wake up before everyone else: That’s right, and especially before the kids get up. This tip has been so helpful for me because I get time to really focus on myself and my goals without any distractions. Waking up as early as 4:30 am is beneficial for having time to devote to your personal and health goals. This ensures that you won’t have anyone to distract you.
  3. Take a deep breath, or two: Deep breathing has been shown to calm the nervous system. I don’t know about you but I seem to be more stressed in the morning trying to finish everything in time for work. To help, start taking 2-5 minutes in the morning to practice deep breathing and calm your body. This may improve your mood after some time.
  4. Find time to stretch: Stretching in the morning is beneficial to your joints and ligaments which have been stationary the entire night. Stretching is so beneficial for your flexibility and in return your range of motion and ability to workout in different positions will improve. Another positive results is your pain and stiffness after workout may decrease with time. It’s also beneficial to stretch throughout the day if your job is very sedentary.
  5. Plan your day: Being prepared mentally and physically for the day not only calms your nerves but improves your mood and readiness for the day. Some things I like to plan out are times when I can workout or take a walk. Time for cooking and meal prepping healthy meals. And time to spend with my kids and husband. When I plan things out I know I can be fully devoted to my goals and priorities.
  6. Prioritize you To DO list: I feel like I personally have a million things on my To Do list. Because of that I’m always sluggish to finish anything because it’s never ending. Instead, prioritize 3-5 items and don’t worry about anything else until you finish those.
  7. Drink water: If you don’t like plain water then experiment with adding lemon, fruit or warmed with honey and lemon. Drinking enough the water throughout he day hydrates the cells of the body, removes toxins from the body and satisfies hunger cues.
    our body is dehydrated from the night’s rest and the day before if we didn’t drink enough water. this regenerates and fuels our cells.
  8. Eat a full breakfast: Some people choose to skip breakfast or snack on the way out the door. I would encourage the opposite, enjoy a full breakfast with a range of food like, fruit, vegetables, healthy proteins and carbs. That way your not snacking and over eating throughout the day and night when your more sedentary. Also it’s best to sit down for your meal and spend some time eating your meal, 30 minutes is recommended for proper digestion and hunger cues to subside. If your someone who gets fast food for breakfast I could encourage you to at least choose the most natural products available and take your time to eat your meal.
  9. Take your vitamin or supplement: I love making smoothies for breakfast and including my Pea protein powder, chia seeds, spirulina powder and other super foods I’ve come to love. I choose breakfast for including any nutritional supplements because I have more time to do it, so I won’t forget. And I make smoothies and share them with the kids so they are encouraged to eat real food as well. In the last few weeks my family and I have been taking fruit and vegetable supplements which contain over 20 different fruits and vegetables. What I love is you take a capsule or gummy for the kids, that way I know my kids are at least getting some nutrition on those picky eating days.
  10. Review your health goals: This will help keep you goal oriented throughout the day and any small successes will add up over time.
  11. Pack your meals for the day/meal prep for the following day: Eating from home as much as possible, even if it’s homemade desserts, is better than eating somewhere else where you cant control the ingredients or the portion size. Preparing your meals a few days in advance is even better because you are more likely to eat from home when it’s ready.
  12. Weight in: Weight yourself in the morning before showering for accuracy. I don’t get too obsessed over the daily numbers, but it’s more accurate to compare your morning weights over the weeks and months.
  13. Drink apple cider vinegar: A drink made of apple cider vinegar and water can help burn fat in the body. I have found this drink useful for suppressing hunger and helping boost my metabolism. Read more about it here.
  14. Make a smoothie with greens: Adding greens into a morning smoothie is beneficial to get more nutrition in the body right away in the morning. Smoothies are amazing because it does a lot of the digestive work for the body and makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.
  15. Write down what you eat: Keeping a food journal is beneficial because it’s easy to eat mindlessly and not even realize. When you write things down your eating consciously and hopefully skipping unneeded calories.
  16. Or log your food in a fitness app: I love using My Fitness Pal to log my food and drink. A fitness app is also beneficial because it’s easier to carry around.
  17. Have a bowl of fruit for breakfast: Eating fruit for breakfast is a great way to increase the nutrients in your diet and fiber as well to keep you full longer.
  18. Wear a fitness tracking bracelet or pedometer: Tracking your steps is helpful for motivating yourself to be more active throughout the day, it’s also nice to check in throughout the day and set goals. I love using Fit Bit, I can track my steps, my sleep, food and more.
  19. Find a short workout video to complete: There are tons of short 5-7minute high intensity workouts that can be completed in the morning. Then the rest of the day you can focus on meeting your steps goals.
  20. Dance to some music: music lifts the mood and calms the nervous system. it’s a great way to start the morning off right. Also if you really get your body moving then it’s a good short workout.
  21. Watch a video about health: YouTube has a ton of short videos that can be watched over breakfast, the benefit is that you can learn for free and improve your health knowledge.
  22. Pack your gym clothes for after work or lunch break: Fortunately with my job I can take my client’s to workout anytime of the day. However, if you have a gym membership consider packing your clothes ahead of time so it’s easier to stop by the gym anytime of the day.
  23. Make plans with a friend or family member to workout together: This I find the most fun, get together with someone and make plans to go to the gym together. This not only would this improve the chance of you showing up to the gym, but you might work a bit harder if you’ve got someone there
  24. Meditate for 5 minutes to calm and clear your mind: Meditation is very important in the morning because your body is being bombarded with stimulation from your phone, the TV, your coffee maker and many other things. Meditation allows you to calm the body and the nervous system which could decrease your stress levels throughout the day.
  25. Create positive affirmations that will motivate you: I love doing this because it’s so simple and effective at the same time. I use positive affirmations when I’m feeling nervous about the day or I’m hesitating to do something healthy. I’ve noticed they are motivating enough that I will complete whatever task at hand.
  26. Do some yoga moves: Yoga is a great activity for the morning because it’s calming and relaxing. Even just getting on the floor and following a 5 minute beginner yoga video is beneficial.
  27. Enjoy some tea: Drink tea or warm water with lemon and honey. Lemon has a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. Drinking more tea and water than coffee is rehydrating and good for the skin and cells.
  28. Explore eating different plant based dishes for breakfast: Including both fruit and vegetables in your morning routine is beneficial because of the amount of vitamins and antioxidants in those foods and the fiber will keep you full and stabilize your blood sugars.
  29. Get exposure to sunlight: Expose your skin to sunlight as early as possible to help the body stay in balance. The sun benefits the body by providing Vitamin D. Overtime this can improve your health and mood. Try sitting by the window and eating breakfast or drinking coffee or tea.
  30. Coffee: I have to have coffee in the morning. It’s more of a physical want than a mental necessity because I have gone without it on occasion. If you are an avid coffee drinker life myself, make sure you balance with drinking water. And remember any creamers you put into your coffee add up fast in the form of calories.
  31. Try oil pulling with coconut oil: Oil pulling is not something I am doing on a regular basis. However, I have read about it’s health benefits and it’s detoxifying effects on the body. it’s worth noting that you have to spend around 10-15 minutes
  32. Practice gratitude journaling: This technique has been very successful in improving my mood and outlook. I’ve been practicing gratitude journaling for a few weeks now and it really helps change your perspective to look for the good in things.
  33. Start tracking your health goals: Every morning I review my health tracker form and check mark the goals that I was able to accomplish the previous day. This helps keep me focused on completing my goals consistently and It’s rewarding to see so many boxes checked off. If you want to complete your own goal tracker worksheet then download here.
  34. Drink water before coffee: Make sure you have a glass of water before your morning coffee to rehydrate your body and then you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee.
  35. Think positive thoughts: It helps if your feeling anxious about the day to repeat ” I am in control of my emotions” or “I will have a great day”.
  36. Join a health course: There is loads of health information out there for you to read about. And you can even take free classes online on health subjects with Coursera.

There may not always be enough time within the day to work on your health, but starting the day early and getting things accomplished before your work day begins will help you be the most successful.

What does your morning routine look like? What healthy habits are you ready to add in?

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