The Oilerie Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Over the weekend I took a short trip over to The Oilerie in Sun Prarie, Wisconsin.

Which is just a few miles from my home.

My coworker had been boasting about the “new” Oilerie in Sun Prairie that sold fine oils and dressing from Italy.

I was obviously intrigued because I love cooking, and sometimes Kroger olive oil is $6-10 a bottle

And it doesn’t enhance or ruin the dish, but it surely doesn’t help the food stand out.

My grandmother and I decided to go together to visit the Oilerie in Sun Prairie for our birthday.

Yes, we have the same birthdate 🙂

When we arrived we see this tiny store, which I was expecting a huge grocery store of some sort.

When entering the store you will be greeted by a lovely lady named Lori, she is the store owner.

The smells in the tiny store were so powerful.

It seemed as if someone had been cooking and chopping fruit just before we arrived.

When you look around there are these stainless steel barrels filled with different olive oils,

basalmic dressings and an assortment of other fine oils.

The Oilerie in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Lemon EVOO Olive Oil Aged 15 years.

Lori, the stores owner, preceded to tell us all about the different oils.

These oils have been aged for up to 15-30 years and infused with lemons,

citrus, garlic, peppers and other fine ingredients.

You are invited to try anything and everything you’d like. Just beware because some flavors are so powerful.

It was so interesting and intriguing to taste the fine oils and dressings that came to this store directly from Italy.

The Oilerie in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Cherry Basalmic Dressing

The basalmic dressings are infused with different citrus flavors.

Our favorite was the cherry basalmic because I can see myself using it daily for salad dressings, for bread dipping

And even splashing a sweet flavor over my vegetables.

We honestly could not get enough of all the different flavors available.

And even better the price, only a bit over $1 an ounce!

Once your finally ready to make a choice, she personally pours the prodcut into a re-fillable glass bottle.

The bottle can be cleaned and retured for more discounts!

She also dates the tag on the bottle so you know when it expires, usually by a year.

The Oilerie Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

I honestly could have moved into this store!

I appreciated the knowledge and understanding Lori, the store owner, had for the products.

She uses them all herself.

But, the fine oils and dressings are not all that is offered.

We taste tested jarred pesto that was better than homemade,

chocolate covered almonds that looked like olives and even got huge

discounts on spices, lotions and soaps made from 100% olive oil!

Before leaving, we found out there are classes offered in meal prepping and planning.

We also learned they will be celebrating their 3 year anniversary and inviting the community to celebrate with them.

For more information on any of these events check out the Facebook page.

Do you have a similar shop near your home town?

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  1. I can’t thank you enough, Jazmine! I truly appreciate your kind review and your excitement for our products! I look forward to seeing what other wonderful things you will cook!

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