What to do when your family hates healthy food

What To Do When Your Family Hates Healthy Food

Do you struggle to get your family to enjoy healthy meals?

I felt the same way not that long ago…

All I could get my kids to eat was macaroni & cheese and chips. I was at a loss because I knew I didn’t want them eating this way all their life, but I could not get them to even look at a green vegetable.

It took some time and effort on my part to include more fruits and vegetables into our diet.

I watched a few documentaries, read some books and searched online for advice.

Turns out an easier task than it seemed!

I learned a few good tricks for preparing healthy meals and within a short amount of time my kids began to crave more fruits and vegetables!

Now my 4 year old loves salads and my 2 year old loves a good banana spinach smoothie for snack!

Here Are Some Tips To Help Your Family Enjoy Healthy Meals:

Add vegetables to staple meals your family already enjoys: One of our favorite things to do is chop and saute a ton of garlic, onions and mushrooms and mix that in a plain spaghetti sauce for a veggie loaded spaghetti meal. I like to prep the sauce in the morning by placing the ingredients in a crockpot.

Offer veggie dips and fruit dips along with fresh produce to encourage them to eat more: For vegetables you could make a homemade dill dip or homemade hummus. For fruit you could offer peanut butter or a flavored yogurt to dip it in. Our favorite is mixing peanut butter and plain yogurt, then dipping apples in for an easy snack!

Try new recipes that include fresh fruit and vegetables: Some of my favorites are: Spinach and cheese muffins, Banana smoothie, Cauliflower macaroni and cheese for lunch and chickpea tacos for dinner.

Offer small portions of vegetables so they get used to including them at meal time: The more your child is exposed to the food the more likely they will be open to trying it. Start with steamed vegetables and move towards raw vegetables eventually.

Pack their lunch with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies: If they eat lunch served from school, then pack a few snacks with fruits and veggies.

Include them in the washing and preparing of fruits and vegetables: This will give them a chance to experience the food in a different way, and possibly do a little taste testing along the way!

Grow your own home garden: When the produce is ready, have the child harvest it themselves. If you’ve never grown your own garden, don’t fret! There is information all over the internet with tips and advice. If your short on space or don’t think you have a green thumb, consider a Tower Garden. It basically cares for the produce itself with a bit of maintenance here and there!

Prepare smoothies for breakfast: Have your child taste it before telling them what’s in it. I love making a banana, peanut butter, milk and spinach smoothie for the kids and they can’t tell the difference with or without the spinach.

Ask them what they enjoy: This is probably the most overlooked idea, but it’s worth giving it a try. I often ask my toddlers what fruits and vegetable they like and dislike, just for some constructive feedback. Simply ask your kids what fruits and vegetables they like and make a list so you can buy those items when you go shopping.

Start your family on Fruit and Vegetable Capsules: I know that my family will never have a perfect diet, so I take fruit and vegetable capsules and my children take fruit and vegetable gummies everyday! The capsules and gummies contain over 20 different fruits and vegetables that have been vine ripened, harvested, juiced and dried into capsules or formed into gummies for the kids. They are FDA approved and certified safe for adults and children, because they are actual food! I have found since taking them that were all craving more whole foods 🙂

I hope these tips can help you and your family improve your health and lifestyle through better nutrition!

What tips and ideas have been successful for you in improving your diet?

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