7 Healthy Foods To Keep In Your Pantry

Do you find yourself struggling to find a variety of healthy foods that will keep you and your family full?

As a result you become less confident that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Often times we focus on healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, but less on staples like beans, nuts and whole grains.

Keeping your pantry fully stocked is just as important as keeping the fridge and freezer stocked.

When you keep a variety of healthy foods available in your home, you will find yourself and your family enjoying them more and more as time goes on.

Here is a list of my favorite pantry foods to keep on hand that fit nicely in any plant-based diet.

Anytime I start to run low on those items I restock immediately.

7 Healthy Foods To Keep In Your Pantry:

7 Healthy Foods To Keep In Your Pantry

Quinoa: Gluten-free, and high in protein and fiber! Enjoy it hot or cold, for breakfast or for dinner. Quinoa is a perfect side dish mixed with some garlic salt and butter or olive oil. Or as a main dish in casseroles, tacos, and for salads. For example my daughter likes to eat plain quinoa with a bit of butter mixed in!

7 Healthy Foods To Keep In Your Pantry

Brown Rice: Gluten free and full of fiber. If it weren’t for my rice cooker we wouldn’t be eating rice at all, ha! As a result we serve plain brown rice at least twice a week because it’s an easy addition to any vegetable based meal! Some of our go-to meals include:Broccoli stir fry, Veggie Burritos, and even just a side of rice and beans with a salad.

7 Healthy Foods To Keep In Your Pantry

Beans: High in protein, fiber and antioxidants. We always have a variety of canned beans in our pantry. Pinto beans can be used in Chili’s and Bean burritos. We use Garbanzo beans by roasting them for tacos or mashing them for sandwiches. My daughter loves eating Black beans and rice and we enjoy a Taco salad here and there.

Oats: Inexpensive, high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. I always keep a container of rolled oats in the pantry. There are so many ways to use oats. Such as, oatmeal with fruit, Banana oat cookies and apple oat pancakes. You can also put a handful of oats in banana smoothies. And our favorite thing to make with oats is these Chocolate chip Oat bread.

7 Healthy Foods To Keep In Your Pantry

Seeds and nut butters: High in protein, fiber, minerals and healthy fats. My kids and I like to snack on peanuts and cashews, their soft enough for them to chew through and their price is reasonable. We enjoy different kinds of nut butters. We’ve tried peanut butter, pumpkin seed butter and almond butter. Add a scoop to smoothies for extra protein or pair with celery for a healthy snack.

Nutritional Yeast: Full of vitamins and minerals. For example, it offers vitamin B12. Nutritional yeast can make a great cheese replacement. We put this seasoning on everything, including mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, in macaroni, and lastly on popcorn for a cheesy flavor!

Healthy Pasta dish

Pasta: There are so many different options these days, whole grain, black bean, edamame, gluten free.. Depending on your dietary preferences. Whole grain is preferred over white noodles. Black bean noodles have many nutrients and are high in protein. Edamame noodles are high in protein and good for vegetable broth soups. Gluten free pastas have become popular because they help stabilize blood sugars.

Eating “healthy” shouldn’t have to be difficult or boring,

Focus on building a healthy pantry, trying new recipes and cooking more from home.

I hope you find these 7 foods useful in building your healthy pantry.

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